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666 - End of the world

2008-06-25 08:33:55 by cullum14

I've just noticed my sign up date was 05/06/06, if I had waited a day it would have been 06/06/06, remember that day when loads of people thought the world was going to end!!!
In fact it could have been 06/06/06 for me, because I live by GMT not EMT or whatever it is this website is run by.

666 - End of the world


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2008-06-27 15:33:28

Rofl, lucky you :P else it would be an 'hell' of an bad site for you :)
thanks for faving my song ;)


2010-09-05 07:28:49

i dont think 666 would end the world?
i do think a 999 would .. just turn the 666 up side down.

good luck with finding another mistery (=:

oh and ofcourse, thanks for faving atleast 3 of my songs/remixes :D


2012-04-27 23:07:54

Please don't end me :(